Who can use Dickey County Transportation and for what purpose?

Dickey County Transportation provides public transportation for all people. You do not need to meet any qualifications or requirements to use the system. Children, adults, and seniors can all access the vans and buses. Common destinations include medical facilities, schools, work sites, banks, grocery stores, beauty salons, shopping centers, restaurants, and government offices. People also use Dickey County Transportation to get to daycare, recreational activities, and social events.

When does Dickey County Transportation operate?

ELLENDALE: Transportation is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Call 349-4513 between 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the day your ride is needed or the day before. On Tuesdays, persons living in rural areas outside of Ellendale can be picked up and come into Ellendale.

There is a trip From Ellendale to Oakes on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. The van starts pick-ups at 8:30 a.m. and returns to Ellendale by 1:30 p.m. Call 349-4513 by 2 p.m. on the day before the Oakes Trip.

OAKES: Transportation is available on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and on Wednesdays and Fridays from between 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 742-3509 between 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. the day your ride is needed or the day before. On Fridays, persons living in rural areas outside of Oakes can be picked up and come into Oakes.

TO ABERDEEN: Dickey County Transportation bus transportation to Aberdeen on the third Monday of each month. Please call either Ellendale at 349-4513 or Oakes at 742-3509 to schedule a ride by noon on the Friday preceding the trip. Passenger pick-ups start in Oakes between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and in Ellendale between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Please make any medical appointments between 9:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. The return trip from Aberdeen starts at 3:30 p.m.

Dickey County Transportation is closed for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

How do I reserve (schedule) a ride?

To schedule a ride, contact Ellendale at 701-349-4513 or Oakes at 701-742-3509.  PLease call by 2:00 PM

What information should I know before calling to schedule a ride?

Plan ahead and schedule your ride as far in advance as possible. When you call to schedule your ride, you will need to give the driver or dispatcher your date of travel, the number of people going, pickup location, desired pickup time, destination, appointment time (if appropriate), if you are in a wheelchair or other mobility device or need a vehicle that is accessible by lift or ramp, and if you will need multiple stops.

How much notice do I need to schedule a ride?

Bus rides may be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. Call to schedule your ride for the long-distance, city to city routes by noon the day before the trip is scheduled. Same-day ride requests within communities may be accommodated if possible, but you must call by 2:00 PM.

The ability to schedule a ride is subject to rides that have already been scheduled. Certain times of the day, days of the week, or times of the month may be busier than others. The further in advance you are able to reserve your ride, the more apt you are to reserve the time that works best for you.

How do I get a ride?

You must schedule your ride in advance. The driver will arrive at your specified pickup location at the agreed-upon time and take you to your scheduled destination. Be ready to board the bus seven minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time.

How do I schedule a ride home from the doctor or another appointment when I don't know when I will be done?

When you make your doctor's appointment or other scheduled appointment, ask how long the appointment is expected to last. That way you can give the dispatcher or driver an idea of when you may need to be picked up. However, your return ride will not be scheduled until you call the driver or dispatcher to say that you are ready to be picked up. The driver will then fit you into the schedule as soon as it is possible to do so.

If I have never ridden the bus, and I am nervous about knowing what to do, can someone help me the first time I ride?

If you have any concerns about riding the bus for the first time, let the dispatcher or driver know when you schedule your ride. We will do everything possible to assist you and help you feel comfortable and secure.

Do I need to call each time I need a ride, or can I place a standing order for a ride and call only if I need to change it?

Standing orders are consistent ride requests for the same times of specific days of the week. For example, your pickup times for every Tuesday must be at the same time in order to qualify as a standing order. However, the pickup time for a Thursday standing order can be different from the Tuesday standing order as long as all Thursdays are the same from week to week.

How much does it cost for a ride?

In Town Rides - $1 for the first two stops, 50 cents per additional stop

Rural Rides - $3 per day

From Ellendale to Oakes - $4 round trip

To Aberdeen - $10 per round trip


How do I pay for my ride?

Bus fares are generally put in the fare box when you board the bus unless prior arrangements have been made.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled ride?

Please contact the dispatcher or driver as soon as you become aware of the need to cancel your ride.

What is a "pickup window?"

The phrase "pickup window" describes the amount of time before or after your scheduled pickup time that you can expect the bus to arrive to pick you up. Many things can affect the driver's ability to control the exact time of arrival at any particular destination (i.e., traffic, weather, passenger loading times, etc.). The pickup window helps account for these uncontrollable variables and provides the transit system with some flexibility, allowing it to transport more passengers as efficiently as possible. The pickup window also establishes customer expectations so that the bus is neither early nor late when it arrives within the established pickup interval.

Dickey County Transportation operates on a plus or minus seven minute pickup window, meaning that you should be ready to board the bus at least seven minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time. Also, you should expect the bus to arrive no later than seven minutes after your scheduled pickup time.

Why am I sometimes not able to schedule a ride, but when the bus goes by I see there are open seats on the bus?

It is important to distinguish the difference between open seats on a bus and open slots in a bus schedule. It is rare that every seat on a bus is filled, but it is common for the schedule to be full. Buses are only able to make a certain number of stops in any given hour. To get everyone where they need to go, there are limits to how many people we can schedule on the bus at the same time without making the bus ride unacceptably inconvenient for passengers. We try to minimize the amount of time passengers need to ride on the bus while other people are being picked up and dropped off at their designated locations.

With contracted rides or at certain times during the day, many or all of the seats may be taken on the bus. The transit agency has to plan for the maximum number of passengers it may need to transport at any given time.

What am I allowed to bring on the bus?

For questions about items you can or cannot bring on the bus in addition to those listed below, contact the central office, dispatcher, or driver prior to getting on the bus.

Packages – You have as many packages as you can keep under your control while the bus is moving. Secure loose items to prevent them from rolling around. Nothing may be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift.

Mobility Devices and Wheelchairs – We have buses and vans that are accessible for people who use mobility devices. When you call to reserve your ride, please tell the dispatcher or driver if you use a mobility device such as a walker, manual wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, scooter, etc., and if you will need a lift or ramp to enter the vehicle. 

All mobility devices must be secured within the vehicle by the driver. Our drivers have all received training in handling mobility devices and securing them properly.

Oxygen Tanks – Portable oxygen tanks are allowed on the vehicle but must be secured by the driver. Please let the dispatcher or driver know when you schedule your ride if you will be bringing a portable oxygen tank on board.

Car Seats – If you are brining small children or infants with you on the bus, you may bring car seats for them to use. You must restrain the car seat using the seat belts provided in the vehicle. The driver will not be responsible for restraining the car seat.

Strollers – Children must be removed from strollers. Strollers must be able to be collapsed and fit between the seats or secured by the driver. Strollers may not be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift.

Food and Drink – Food and beverages are allowed on the vehicle. Beverages must be in a sealable container. Take all garbage and waste products with you when you get off the bus.

Pets (not Service Animals) – Pets are only allowed on the bus if prior arrangements have been made with the central office, dispatcher or driver. All pets must be in approved pet carriers and must fit on your lap or on the seat next to you. Pet carriers are not allowed in the aisle or in the wheelchair lift area. You will be solely responsible for loading and unloading the pet carrier.

Service Animals – Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and facilities operated by Dickey County Transportation. The rider may be refused transportation services if the service animal is not under the control of the person with the disability or if it is threatening the safety of others.

Cell Phones – While the use of cell phones is permitted on the bus, we ask that passengers please be considerate of the other riders. Loud talking that disturbs other passengers may result in a driver asking the offending passenger to restrain from using their cell phone.

How much assistance do you provide to your passengers?

Dickey County Transportation provides door-to-door service for passengers needing this assistance. Let the dispatcher or driver know if you will require this assistance.

What if I need an escort to accompany me?

Attendants traveling with passengers who are frail may travel at no charge. The escort must get on the vehicle at the same location as the passenger and get off the vehicle at the same destination as the passenger. When you schedule your ride, let the dispatcher or driver know that you will have an escort accompanying you.

What is your policy regarding seat belts?

All passengers are encouraged to wear seat belts at all times while riding in our vehicles.

Does the bus have restroom facilities?

The buses and vans used by Dickey County Transportation do not have restroom facilities. Please use restrooms prior to boarding the bus. On long-distance trips, drivers may stop at a rest area if necessary. Please let your driver know if you need to make a stop on a long-distance trip. This service is not available for in-town service.

May I give a gift or a tip to a driver or other staff?

Drivers and staff members are not allowed to accept gifts or tips. It is our staff's job to provide you with excellent customer service. If you feel it is necessary to show your appreciation, you are welcome and encouraged to make a donation to our transit agency in honor of a particular employee or the transit system.

How will I know if the bus system is not operating due to inclement weather or other emergency?

Dickey County Transportation makes every attempt to provide service during scheduled hours. When extreme weather conditions make travel unsafe, we reserve the right to discontinue services until conditions are safe. In case of severe weather, every effort will be made to get all passengers returned to their homes as quickly as possible.

Dickey County Transportation uses local radio stations – KDDR 1220 AM- to broadcast closures due to dangerous weather conditions or other emergencies (e.g., flooding). Check your local stations for announcements when severe weather is in your area. If you are a dialysis patient and need to get to your appointment, we recognize that this is a life sustaining necessity, and every possible effort will be made to ensure that you are able to receive your necessary treatment.

Under what circumstances can a driver refuse to provide service?

Dickey County Transportation has empowered its drivers to refuse service to any passenger who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and may be dangerous or disruptive. Drivers also have the right to remove people from the bus who are belligerent, rude, or refuse to follow agency policies or directions given by the driver. If the driver believes a passenger poses a safety or health threat to themselves or others, the driver may contact dispatch or the police for assistance. Passengers are not allowed to carry weapons on the vehicle. If a person has unreasonable personal hygiene, the agency director or transit coordinator may discuss the issue with the passenger and discuss corrective action that needs to be taken in order to continue riding the bus.

What if I have a complaint about something related to the bus service, the driver, dispatcher, or other concern that I would like to share?

Dickey County Transportation encourages those with concerns or complaints to contact the agency director or transit coordinator. Please be prepared to be as specific as possible about the concern or event. We follow up on all concerns. You may call the central office directly at 701-349-4513 or submit a complaint in writing to the Director at Dickey County Transportation, PO Box 213, Ellendale, ND 58436-0213. You may also make an appointment with the director to visit in person. All comments and complaints will be handled in a timely and efficient manner. Suggestions for improvements to our transit program are always appreciated. We encourage your comments and recommendations. If you have received superior service, we encourage you to let us know so we can pass that information on to our employees as well.

Helpful Suggestions for Riding the Bus

Boarding the Bus

Stand back from the curb when the bus approaches. Wait for the bus to stop completely before approaching the bus. Never cross in front of the bus.

Remain Seated

Once the bus is moving you must remain seated.

Prohibited Behavior

No smoking.

No fighting, throwing things, pushing, shouting, loud behavior, and vulgar language.

No firearms, weapons, gasoline or other flammables, and fireworks.

No feet on the seats.

No overexposure. Shirts and shoes are required attire.

No roller-skates and rollerblades worn on the bus.

Grocery Shopping

Consider carrying an insulated grocery bag to place your frozen and refrigerated items in for returning from the grocery store. The bus is not always able to return for you as soon as you are done shopping.

Check for Belongings before Departing Bus or Van – Lost & Found

Check the area around you for personal items before exiting the bus.  Dickey County Transportation is not responsible for items left on its vehicles. However, if you believe you have left something on the bus, contact the dispatcher or driver and let them know which bus you were on and where you were seated.